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Custom Machined and Welded Steam Port Application

TMW Systems, LLC was asked to manufacture a steam quality sampling port for a client in Illinois.

The part called for the use of a 12" long, 1.5" OD (outside diameter) round bar of Hastelloy® C-276 for the side stream sample stem, which would be inserted into a pipe carrying a corrosive steam mixture. This sample port stem had to be coupled to a carbon steel flange for attachment to the side stream sample line to measure pressure and quality.

It would have also been possible to create the flange from Hastelloy® C-276. However this would have driven up the cost of the part and the client was looking for a more cost effective method.

Steam Sample Port

The Stem portion needed to be gun drilled then machined per plan. The nozzle tip was welded at a 45 degree point for sample collection. The challenges for this project were micro-welding the tip of the alloy materials. The sample tip required a strict adherence to the angle of the port and the length away from the body of the stem. Previous attempts by others failed in coupling the Hastelloy® C-276 to the A-105 flange.

The difficulty in joining these dissimilar metals is making a clean, leak-proof weld without blowing out the carbon steel. Not only were specialty alloy electrodes required for the TIG welding process, but also specific techniques and angles during welding. In addition, all parts needed to be machined to exact tolerances as specified by the client.

TMW Systems, LLC excelled at all different phases of the completion.

The sample ports were delivered on time and at cost target as always.

Should you have an unusual or unique application, call us at (714) 371-8435 or you can always visit us on the internet at We are always ready to provide you with a free quote, leave us a message on our contact page. We specialize in providing solutions to one of a kind parts. .

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