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Custom Process Strainer

TMW Systems LLC was asked to create 4 pieces of in-line strainers for a change over start up at #Chevron. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the strainers were needed that day to avoid costly shut-downs. We were approached since we can provide all of the disciplines necessary to create these in a short amount of time.

Fabricated Custom Process Strainer
Custom Process Strainer

The fabrication of the process strainers called for a strict adherence to their plan in terms of the size of the holes and the amount of open area in the strainer. Each piece would have to be made custom that day. The size required was a 12” – 300 lb strainer made of all 304 Stainless Steel. The screen required a 16 Gauge thickness while the body and handle called for 14 Gauge. The cone dimension was calculated and the materials were secured.

TMW Systems provided all of the cutting and welding of the base unit. The dome cap would also be cut and then drilled out to provide the open area specified in the plans. The screen section was designed and laid out by our internal Engineering and then the screen was plasma cut to size and dimensions. The screen was then roll formed to a 6” outer diameter top and an 11 ¼” outer diameter base. The screens were then both TIG and MIG welded to create the shape including the seam. Plans called for an overall height of the screen to be 11 ¾” which was attained by the design.

The parts were completed and delivered to the pipe line crews working at Chevron that evening. This avoided any down-time for the Unit and saved a significant amount of potential lost revenue for the Refinery.

When you have aggressive deadlines TMW Systems LLC, is here ready to bring your project to a successful completion. Your projects are very important and at times may have aggressive deadlines, or multiple layers that require engineering, fabrication, and full service machine shop capabilities. Our clients choose us because they know they can get it all done in one location "TMW Systems LLC", which saves them time and money. Contact us with your next project at (562) 242-3225 or visit us on the web at and get your success story.

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