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The Right Machining & Capabilities

TMW Systems LLC was asked by a Southern California supply house to create a vent gas scrubber for a Southern California refinery. Although the unit is small, the creation of the piece is actually quite complex. We were entrusted to create the scrubber due to the fact that we have both the machining and welding capabilities necessary to maintain the tight tolerances called for in the construction drawings. As you can see from the photographs, there is very little wasted space in the unit design.

The sight gauge levels allow for the gas treatment fluids to be added as needed to the unit to allow contact of the gas stream flowing through the unit. TMW Systems LLC can create small gas stream treatment vessels or a larger full system treatment vessels as your needs require. We are capable of creating units to your design, to your design specifications, or completely from the ground up. Contact us for a consultation and evaluation at any time.

Vent Loop Gas Scrubber

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